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Estate Planning, Probate, Family Law, & Health Law 

Welcome to the Law Office of Kay M. Perry.  My name is Kay Perry and I am a sole practitioner in San Antonio, Texas. My practice focuses on estate planning, guardianship, probate, family law, and health law. My office is located in far north central San Antonio, off of Highway 281 a short distance south of Loop 1604, though I also meet with clients at other locations if necessary to accommodate a client's schedule. I also have worked with clients exclusively via email and telephone on matters that did not require in-person meetings.   

Please contact me to schedule an appointment regarding any of the following:

Estate Planning - I will help you prepare a will, trust, financial power of attorney, medical power of attorney, Health Care Directive to Physician, and/or any other documents necessary to properly plan your estate.  You can submit your information online in most circumstances to reduce the hassle to you and save one trip to the office.  Please see the Practice Areas page for more information. 

Probate - I will help you navigate the process of probating an estate if a loved one has passed away.

Guardianship - I can assist you in becoming the legal guardian of a person who is not able to manage his or her own health or financial affairs.

Family Law - I can assist you with a variety of family law matters, such as adoption, divorce, prenuptial agreements, and child custody arrangements. Offering both full-service and limited scope representation. Please see the Practice Areas page for more information. 

Health Law - I can advise health care providers in areas such as clinical research participation, HIPAA, regulatory matters, Medicare/Medicaid and insurance billing and reimbursement, contracts, industry relationships, and fraud and abuse.  Flat rate monthly service agreements are available at amounts less than what many attorneys charge per hour!  Please see the Practice Areas page for more information. 

I would be pleased to assist you if you need legal representation on these types of matters.  
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Want the convenience of writing a will online but still want an attorney to prepare it for you?

  Click here to learn more.

Prepare your own will or other legal document but worried that it may not be right, or right for your needs? 

For $50 I will review wills, powers of attorney, advance directives, and similar documents to ensure it was appropriately prepared, executed, and most importantly, the correct document for your needs.


My Commitment

All clients and potential clients deserve to be treated with the utmost courtesy and respect.  All phone calls and emails will be answered within a reasonable time (usually within 24 hours).  Clients will be regularly informed about the status of their case and will be billed fairly for work performed.  I also am willing to structure flexible billing and payment arrangements (including credit cards, limited scope/unbundled representation, and flat monthly rates) to accommodate a client's situation and needs. 

Contact the Law Office of Kay M. Perry:

Phone Number: 
    (210) 468-1775

Office Location:
    1370 Pantheon Way, Suite 110
    San Antonio, Texas 78232
    (click here for a map)

    (210) 468-1893

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